Holly Love Childminding Services

Registered Childminder

About Us

I am married with 4 children - 2 boys, 2 girls and we live in a 4 bedroom house near Brynmawr.

I teach the piano and have been teaching children music for a number of years. As you can imagine, over this time I have enjoyed spending time with a great number of children of varying ages and personalities.
I registered as a childminder in September 2006. I am registered by CSSIW which means my operation is inspected once every 2 years. This ensures my operation is professionally monitored and meets the required standards.  I also  provide training for Pacey - the Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years, which I find very rewarding.  Working along with Pacey allows me to access further training myself and support other childminders. 

I have acheived the following qualifications:

  • Introducing Childminding Practice
  • Basic Food Hygiene
  • Paediatric First Aid Certificate
  • Diploma in home-based Childcare (cache level 3)
  • NSPCC certificate in child protection
  • Community Food and Nutrition Skill for the Early Years (cache level 2)
  • Foundation Degree in the Learning and Development of Babies and Young Children (Distinction)
  • BAhons degree in Early Childhood Studies (first Class)

I have attended to following Training/Workshops:

  • Signing with Olli
  • Active Matters
  • Outdoor learning as part of the Foundation Phase National Training Pack (Module 6)
  • Booktrust - Inspiring a love of books
  • A basketful of songs, run by Piccalo Music
  • Introduction to the Foundation Phase (Module 1)
  • Experiential Learning in Practice as part of the Foundation Phase National Training Pack (Module 4)
  • Play with Natural Resources
  • NCMA Volunteer Training Conference
  • Dental Health for the Early Years
  • Successfully implementing the National Minimum Standards

I aim to ensure I am up to date with current practices as part of my professional development and attend as much training as I am able.    I am registered to care for 6 children, 3 of which may be under 5, of those 3, 2 may be under 18months.

The structure of a day is determined by the age of children I am looking after.

If I have a baby in the house then they dictate their own schedule of events! (sleeping, feeding, nappy changing etc.)

If I am looking after older toddlers then we try and undertake activites, which drive their development while at the same time having fun. Be warned we sometimes get messy! ( I ask that you send a change of clothes - just in case!!)
For older children we have a mix of education and fun. I can also provide a good working environment for homework to be completed (and help, if my brain can keep up!)

I will of course feed your children - if they are with me all day I will ask you to provide the food, I will provide healthy snacks (usually fruit,  yogurt, or rice cakes) mid morning and afternoon, and drinks as required including milk.

We sometimes go for outings during the day - mother and toddler groups, bouncy play, the community farm, and the library. I like to encourage plenty of outdoor play in my garden or the park, weather permitting.


I have a wide ranging selection of policies and procedures which govern the way I work, some of which are listed below.

  • Equal Opportunities policy
  • Procedure in the event of an accident/ emergency
  • Child protection policy
  • Complaints policy
  • Behaviour management policy
  • Procedure for exclusion due to illness
  • Procedure if child is lost/ goes missing
  • Procedure if child is not collected
  • Emergency policy

I have a parent pack which gives parents details of my policies and procedures in full which you will have a copy of when you visit me with your child. 

I feel it is very important that parents are informed of what we have been up to and any particular activities I have planned.  I use a journal to record our activities and future planning.  I am of course available at the end of every day for regular chats when you pick up your child.


I currently have spaces on a Wednesday and Thursday.